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RobinHoodPro – Pension and insurance robot

RobinHoodPro is a robot that helps consumers wade through their pension and insurance accounts so that they can make informed decisions to better prepare for their future. The app is very easy to learn how to use. Once it is provided with the user’s information, the robot will access insurance and pension accounts and advise the user about the adjustments or upgrades necessary on the basis of the most accurate and real-time information available.

The founders of RobinHood observed that information about pension and insurance accounts was confusing and that it could be made much more easy to understand. The app empowers consumers by giving them clarity so that they can make timely and important decisions. It provides real-time information about the location of their pension funds, how much they have saved, and what they can expect to receive each month upon retirement. The data is objective and neutral without promoting any particular trading or insurance company. With RobinHood, consumers know when and where to move their funds to maximize their retirement benefits.


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