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Annoto – Improving User Engagement of Videos

Annoto is a B2B startup that turns video content consumption from passive viewing by an individual into an active, social experience. It does this by providing engagement and collaboration tools to websites that contain video content. The tools offer innovative UX for threaded discussions and calls to action at specific moments during the videos, thereby creating an interactive viewer experience and increasing user engagement. Annoto supports all video players and platforms. It can be seamlessly integrated as a plugin into any type of website without affecting its layout or infrastructure. Two major advantages of Annoto are that it is SEO friendly and it comes with insights and analytics. Being SEO-friendly means that search engines can crawl Annoto user-generated content, a natural boost to the site’s SEO. The insights and analytics allow video hosts to determine which moments in each video were the most engaging and which ones could use some help. Annoto also includes administration tools like moderation, word filters, spam control, user roles and permission, and a ban list. Annoto is especially popular in the EdTech field, enhancing the learning experience by allowing users to Q&A specific moments in the videos, mark notes, and engage in interactive discussions.

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