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Gil Smolinski has been developing businesses successfully on an international scale over the last three decades. Shifting his professional focus to the startup sector in about 2010, Smolinski invested in several Israeli companies, which reached incredible levels of achievement.

He enjoys being a persistent entrepreneur, both utilizing the experience he has gained over the years and constantly involving himself in a process of learning. Smolinski continues to serve as the CEO of Almaz Asia, Ltd., a company he founded that provides marketing, management, legal, financial, and technical advice to local companies seeking to establish themselves in regional markets.

Previously, Smolinski established SMEU-Astana, a company that develops, manufactures, installs, and manages traffic-control devices. Prior to that, he served as the CEO of NTC New Projects, which specialized in bringing integrative, cutting-edge solutions and management to large-scale projects involving telecommunications, video control, manufacturing-process automation, operative control centers, and intellectual systems.


Gil Smolinksi

Angel Investor & Business Developer
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