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Pick a Pier – Revolutionizing the Maritime Industry

Pick a Pier is a privately held company that is dedicated to the modernization of the maritime industry. Founded by maritime enthusiasts who saw the need for innovation, Pick a Pier seeks to spark growth and sustainability in the recreational boating industry. The company uses cutting-edge technology and machine learning to improve the experience of both marinas and boaters. For marinas, Pick a Pier’s revolutionary technology makes day-to-day operations simple, efficient, and environmentally friendly. How does it do this? By using machine learning to provide real-time and future visibility into occupancy and match supply. Pick a Pier’s technology also enables marinas to maximize their berthing locations without having to build more and ruin maritime ecosystems. Additionally, Pick a Pier comes with tools that can improve communication with boaters, eliminate sloppy paperwork, and allow managers to make fast, smart decisions. It also allows managers to use analytics and insights to better understand customer needs. For boaters, Pick a Pier provides easy boating and docking along with access to the largest global network of marinas and exclusive locations. Boaters who are part of the Pick a Pier network can enjoy special benefits and offers. Pick a Pier solutions are always implemented with the mindset of sustainability, and the company supports various clean-water initiatives.


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