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LeO: An AI-Powered Customer Service Solution for the Insurance Industry

LeO is an AI-powered customer-service solution for the insurance industry. It is designed to allow agents, brokers, and carriers be available for their customers 24/7. Using AI algorithms, LeO helps automate tedious and prolonged processes and provides data-driven customer insights. The automation of tasks, such as setting appointments and collecting client information, frees up live agents so that they can focus on other things, like finding new sources of revenue. The insights and analytics create a customer-service machine that sends personal policy renewal and payment reminders as well as relevant promotions to individual customers. LeO is also available 24/7 so that customers can get the answers and information they need on schedules that are personally suited to them.

All the customer-facing services that LeO offers take a matter of seconds, not minutes. Insurance agents, brokers, and carriers that use LeO find that they have much more free time and they also see a reduction in workplace error. Because the solution is able to operate so quickly, LeO users have the ability to sell more policies and reduce costs.

LeO was founded in 2016 and has raised $1.6 million in three rounds of funding.


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