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Personal Interests

Gil's love for diving, reading & reef aquarium


For more than 30 years, Gil Smolinski has been an avid diver, traveling to some of the most stunning dive sites in the world.


He works hard to build public awareness within the diving community about the importance of protecting the seas, the need to be good stewards of the environment, and to give back to that which has given so much to us for our personal recreation.Gil is also fascinated by high-tech devices associated with diving, always eager to try out and review the newest diving equipment and gadgets.

As a diver, he sees first-hand the damage that has been caused to our fragile ocean ecosystems, particularly the coral reefs, due to diver carelessness.

Scuba Divers Deep Sea
Fish in Aquarium

Reef Aquariums

Gil Smolinski has been fortunate to experience some of the most incredible underwater worlds available to divers. He has also been able to bring some of that beauty home by building a large-scale reef aquarium in his living room. The aquarium not only provides him and his family with a visual wonder to look at every day, but also enables them to continue learning about the relationships between the various species of sea life.

While extremely beautiful and rewarding, reef aquariums are not easy to maintain. In his Reef Aquarium blog, Gil shares information that helps others have the same experience in their own homes. The blog includes tips about how to find and select the right aquarium, what equipment to use, and the needs of the aquarium’s inhabitants.

Passionate Reader

When he is not at work or at sea exploring some incredible dive site, you will probably find Gil engrossed in the pages of his latest book find. To say he is passionate about reading would be an understatement. He loves books that push the envelope, that inspire one to think forward and investigate the realms of quantum physics, alternate realities, and energetic connectivity. A great example is What the Bleep Do We Know?!, a book in which 14 leading quantum physicists, scientists, and spiritual thinkers encourage readers to examine whether they are seeing the world as it really is, what their thoughts are made of, and how they can create their own everyday reality.

At the same time, Gil also enjoys beautifully written historical fiction that carries the reader away to another place and time. One of these books is A Thousand Splendid Suns, which is a stunning novel that delves into the history of Afghanistan, covering a 30-year period beginning with the invasion of the USSR and ending with the rise of the Taliban.

Stack of Books
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