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Refill Anywhere – Portable Charging Network for Smartphones

Refill Anywhere is a life-saver for all the times people go out and forget to pack their smartphone chargers. It always seems that whenever you really need your phone most, your battery starts to run low and you can’t find anywhere to plug it in before it dies. Refill Anywhere is a startup that has a revolutionary solution to this common problem. Refill Anywhere is a little like the shared-bike networks that can be found in a number of cities. As soon as you are low on battery, you can go to one of Refill Anywhere’s “refilling” machines stationed throughout the city, rent a power-bank charger, and be free to continue on your way while charging your smartphone. The mobile charger will recharge your battery within an hour and can be dropped off at any Refilling machine.

Refill Anywhere has been developing all the hardware and software itself. It is a brilliant innovation, meeting a need that frustrates millions of mobile phone users.

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