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Piece of Heaven – Special Gifts with a Personalized Touch

Piece of Heaven is a personalized gift website that operates in India. The gifts on the site are hand-chosen by the website’s curators and are designed to be truly custom and memorable. You can browse gifts by occasion, by recipient (men, women, parents, etc.), by personality (music-lover, foodie, etc.), or by most popular item.

One particularly popular category of gifts is Piece of Heaven’s Inspire Bracelets, which are hand-crafted and designed to remind wearers of the constant joy in life. A total of 10% of every bracelet purchase is donated to a variety of social causes.

Gifts are wrapped in luxurious hand-made packaging and sent with a custom-designed note to the recipient. The invoice is sent to the buyer by email.

Delivery is swift—it takes 1-2 days to process each order and between 2-6 days for it to be shipped. If you would like the gift to be delivered on a specific date, you can email customer support and submit a request. The company’s customer support is very responsive and you can contact them with any questions or requests you have.


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