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OzVision – Cloud-Based Platform for Video Surveillance

OzVision prides itself on being the world’s leading cloud video surveillance platform. It comes with video and IoT management, analytics, data indexing, and storage. The cloud-based solution allows for real-time transmission of high-quality video with zero latency and more than 99.99% uptime.

OzVision’s cloud platform can analyze data streams from multiple sources, including cameras, DVRs, smart thermostats, smart plugs, routers, connected doorbells, and more. The OzVision platform is currently connected to over three million camera channels.

The platform architecture consists of six segments:

  1. OzRecord: Continuous, scheduled recording

  2. OzManage: Device and customer account management

  3. OzNotify: Ensured, flexible delivery of notifications

  4. OzConnect: In-device P2P and cloud connectivity

  5. OzIntegrate: APIs for third-party solution integration

  6. OzAdmin: Customer support portal

OzVision solutions are used by businesses and personal residences alike. Clients who use OzVision enjoy seamless integration, an unlimited number of edge devices, RMR generating, third-party analytics, and state-of-the-art encryption technology.

A request for a demo may be submitted via the company website.


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