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Ouna is a revolutionary tool that matches job seekers with employers based on detailed profiles of what the job seeker wants and the employer’s ideal candidate for the job. The idea is to maximize the long-term potential for both employer and employee.

Ouna is open to everyone. Candidates must first complete the Ounalyzer, Ouna’s 15-minute online assessment tool. The Ounalyzer is based on the Pyramidal Assessment Model that uses 12 parameters and 40 skills to form the candidate’s profile.

Once the candidate’s vital attributes and motivations are identified, an anonymous profile is created. Employers can use the same tool to define their ideal candidate for an open position. Ouna then searches its database and accurately matches suitable employees and employers.

The Ounalyzer is backed by 15 years and $4 million in research. It has a success rate of 86%.

Ouna’s key benefits are that job seekers can maintain their anonymity so that no one needs to know they are looking for a new job. In addition, using Ouna eliminates discrimination because the candidate profiles are based solely on skills, motivational factors, and values and not on skin color, gender, race, age, physical appearance, or anything else. Ouna also reduces costs for HR teams, including recruitment and employee turnover processes.


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