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Oriient – A Navigation App for the Indoors

While Waze and other navigation apps work well when on the road, they are of no use once you reach someone’s front door. As we all know from experience, just because you’ve made it to the right address doesn’t mean that you’ve made it to your actual destination. If you need to find a specific shop in a mall or a conference room in a big office building or a particular department within a university or a ward inside a hospital, navigation apps can guide you to the entrance, but you’re on your own from there. Functioning like an indoor GPS, this is exactly the gap that Oriient’s breakthrough hyper-accurate location-awareness technology seeks to fill. It requires no hardware, on-site installation, maintenance, beacons, or WiFi. Oriient’s technology uses the earth’s magnetic field and sensors that are standard on every smartphone to pinpoint specific locations within a margin of three feet.

Location Awareness as a Service

Founded in 2016 by Amiram Frish and Mickey Balter, Oriient’s mission is to make the physical world searchable. For the end-user, it is a friendly and accurate guide that saves time and frustration. For the service provider/business owner, it’s an easy-to-install technology that works seamlessly with existing digital infrastructure and offers valuable behavioral insights using traffic and motion analytics. Oriient aims to be the first truly scalable, indoor GPS. It works with all apps and in any type of building, making sites everywhere accessible to everyone in real-time.


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