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Green ICPS – Eliminating Corrosion and Environmental Harm

Green ICPS provides economical, environmentally friendly, effective, and safe solutions for treating metal corrosion. Founded in 2015, the company’s mission is to eliminate corrosion along with the high costs and environmental harm that come along with it.

Green ICPS is currently expanding its customer base and network while continuing to supply products to its existing customers. The company’s products were developed based on years of research, which is the key to the company’s long-term sustainability.

The flagship product of Green ICPS is Corrizon Base, which has received UL Green Guard Gold certification. The base is made from a single-component waterborne metal protecting coat. This incredible product has anti-corrosion properties, comes ready-to-use, and is odorless as well as environmentally friendly. Complementary products include Corrizon Top, Corrizon Hybrid, and Corrizon Concrete.

Green ICPS’s solutions are suited to a vast range of needs, including bridges, mining, marine facilities, ports, oil and gas, airport facilities, cement, buildings, fuel tanks, and more.

Customers who use Green ICPS products report financial savings and reduced contamination.


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