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GoCube – A Reinvention of the Classic Puzzle

GoCube by Particula has taken the classic puzzle cube and re-engineered it into a modern super-puzzle that has brains of its own. It is a speed cube that shows your moves on screen and records them, keeping track of the exact state of your cube and the precise way you are holding it. It also teaches you how to solve the puzzle by giving you mini-missions, games that improve your handling and instincts, and a variety of special cube-based challenges. Most significantly, it creates a battlefield between players at the same level by having them tackle identical challenges and ranking them on the international leader board, which creates a global community of people who love competing against each other as much as they love solving the cube puzzle.

Regardless of your level, GoCube offers a unique experience, where players with no experience can start learning how to solve the cube, novices can improve their cubing abilities, and pros can analyze all aspects of their progress.

GoCube was developed by Particula, a company that uses wireless sensors and parts to develop smart games and toys and to bring the classic games we are all familiar with into the 21st century. With a wealth of experience in cybersecurity hardware and IoT, GoCube’s creators have been putting electronics into tiny devices for years. They have now brought their expertise to this device to make it an irresistible and exciting way for players to challenge themselves and to face off with like-minded individuals across the world. It is a new and developing field that is considered the future of the toys industry!


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