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Frontier Pets – Ending Cruel Factory Farming

Frontier Pets is an environmentally conscious company that produces dog food made from 100% ethically sourced with human-grade ingredients directly from Aussie farmers. When you buy from Frontier Pets, you not only get high-quality dog food, but you also make a difference in the world. The company’s vision is to end factory farming, the biggest cause of animal suffering on the planet. Frontier Pets has contributed over $1 million toward ethical farming and works only with farmers who do not use close confinement systems, overcrowded sheds, or barren outdoor feedlots.

Frontier Pets offers various types of dog food and dog treats. All food is made from natural ingredients and processed using environmentally friendly methods. In fact, “processing” is not really the right word, since Frontier Pets dog food is akin to feeding your dog hand-prepared meals. The food is developed with the guidance of a leading animal nutritionist and is gluten-free, GMO-free, freeze-dried and uncooked, and suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds. Just one kilo of dry food made by Frontier Pets reconstitutes to four kilos, making it extremely convenient to store and serve. All you need to do to prepare the food is to add warm water.


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