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BriefCam – Transforming video into actionable intelligence

BriefCam is the leading provider of video synopsis and machine-learning technology in the world. Founded in 2007 in Israel, Briefcam technologies quickly translate hours of video footage into usable data that can be quickly utilized to locate objects and people of interest.

The use of CCTV cameras has become common around the world, providing 24/7 video footage of targeted environments. This constant creation of video has created a backlog of footage that no one has the time to review, leaving potentially critical video unseen. BriefCam algorithms create quantitative video insights and rapid video review as well as search and smart altering. BriefCam’s technology eliminates work hours spent reviewing real-time video footage and provides instant access to the data necessary for specific legal action to be taken. This drastically reduces the time needed to respond to a security incident, thus significantly increasing the level of security in the area.

BriefCam’s technology is currently being used around the world in anti-theft initiatives, crowd-management projects, consumer analytics, and traffic optimization as well as by law enforcement, healthcare, and educational institutions.

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