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As You Stay – Saves Customers Up to 60% on Hotel Bookings

As You Stay is a hotel booking platform based on the premise of checking in and checking out whenever you want. It is available on both desktop and mobile and offers up to 60% in savings when you book through it.

How does As You Stay offer such significant savings? Because the rates are based on the exact number of hours you will be staying rather than on days, allowing you to set your own non-traditional check-in and check-out times. Plus, when you book through As You Stay, you can accumulate free hours, which can be applied to your next hotel stay.

As You Stay is great for travelers who have long layovers or need an unusually early or late check-in/check-out. It is also used by businesspeople who are looking for a quiet workspace, small groups who want a place where they can sit together, companies that prefer day trips to expensive overnight stays, and more.


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