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Humanz – Cloud-Based Platform for Influencer Marketing

Humanz is a data-driven, programmatic platform for social influencer marketing. It is based on the simple premise that humans can easily and intuitively identify influencers. The company therefore created technology that can mimic human behavior and insights using natural language and image recognition to allow customers to select the influencers with whom they wish to collaborate.

Humanz focuses on three aspects of influencer marketing:

Social data mining—Humanz analyzes millions of brand and influencer followers each day, It segments them according to location, interest, and demographics in order to enrich brand and influencer audience profiles.

Programmatic influencer campaigns—Humanz gives advertisers tools to plan and track influencer campaigns, similar to how they would follow other digital media channels. Tracking includes measuring pricing, reach, and expected conversions per channel.

Influencer collaboration at scale—Humanz streamlines the workflow of influencers by allowing marketers and agencies to contact and pay them through a single dashboard that enables micro-influencer collaborations.

Humanz is designed to help agencies run influencer campaigns for their clients and to work in partnership with marketers. It helps assess the effectiveness of current campaigns and assists online retailers and services promote sales. It can also be used by influencers to review their Humanz score, add profile information, and discover current campaigns.


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